DIY – How to Make a Colored Bird with Cardboard !

How cool when it’s warm and sunny, green trees bloom and fragrant flowers, singing birds . How much space and inspiration for creativity. Let’s you and I, inspired by these beautiful phenomena of nature, will do just such a wonderful bird of cardboard with their hands.


For this we need:

1. Cardboard;
2. PVA glue;
3. Gouache;
4. Brush;
5. Simple pencil.

1. First, we draw on a sheet of paper, sketch the future of our birds, a width of about 8cm. Cut along the contour – we get the pattern.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 1

2. The contours of the pattern birdies on cardboard and cut it out with scissors along the contour of the board, we need to cut the seven patterns. Then we glue the seven patterns – so we get our future harvesting birds, give it to dry. Put under load to compensate. Cover blank white gouache on both sides, and the ends of the preform.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 2

3. draws pencil wing, beak and feathers on the neck of a bird.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 3

4. Next we mix white gouache gouache with a purple color to have turned a light purple color, we cover them tail and breast, birds, first applied gouache brush, sponge and then a leveling layer of gouache. The ends of the billet paint too.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 4

5. Take gouache yellow color and color wing also gouache brush is first applied, and then align the sponge layer gouaches. Face side wing preform paint too.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 5

6. gouache purple cover his head, gouache paint black beak, do not forget about the ends of the workpiece is also necessary to paint in the appropriate color.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 6

7. Mix the white gouache and get a little red-pink color, they draw a circle – as in the photo.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 7

8. Now draw the eye to this gouache black slightly dilute with water to the consistency it was more about the liquid as kefir, since small details better drawn gouache just such consistency. Draw an arc as in the photo and draws cilia.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 8

9. To draw the feathers we mix gouache purple color with a small amount of black gouache to give a deep purple color. we draw out this color feathers on the neck, then start drawing feathers on the head – that’s the way as in the photo.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 9

10. Now dorisovyvat feathers on his head.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 10

11. gouache dark purple encircle wing.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 11

12. gouache dark purple paint dashed lines in breast birds.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 12

13. gouache dark purple draw dotted lines on birds tail.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 13

14. gouache deep purple color draws the feathers on the wing as in the photo.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 14

15. All our bird is ready.

Ptitsa-iz-kartona-svoimi-rukami 15


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