DIY – How to Make a Felt Bunny !

We only once did the hare of the modules and it is very difficult hack it was. Let us together create a toy and baby rabbit made of felt with their hands, which you can organize puppet shows. Hare made of felt has a very simple the pattern, sewed elementary and looks very nice. By analogy made and other toys, such as horse of felt or frog that insanely beautiful. I have to say, a toy-bunny is in the form of gloves, of course, you can later make the legs and bottom, but this is optional.

Hare Felt main

DIY – How to Make a Felt Bunny !

I felt very good material because it holds its shape, does not crumple and rather bland. Felt is easy to make toys, but also always has a bright color. To create crafts we need is felt, white and yellow, as well as a large pair of scissors, a sewing machine and thread the needle.

First, we need to draw the pattern, then cut all the details of felt. It will be the two main parts of the white, four white ear, two yellow ear sizes slightly smaller yellow stripe and yellow small triangle for the nose.

Hare of felt 2

Let’s start with the strip, folding it in half, and put it on one side making many cuts.

Hare of felt 3

Then curl up in a roll and sew needle.

Hare of felt 4

Loops are turned scissor. This is what we are creating a bunny tail made of felt.

Hare of felt 5

Sew on the back side of the tail. Almost at the very bottom.

Hare of felt 6

Making the ears. Two white blank is folded together, put on top yellow center. Anchoring needles all the pieces and start to do the yellow edge stitches.

Hare of felt 7

These are the two ears we have obtained. Threads must be white.

Hare Felt 8

The front part of the main glue spout embroider small eyes and mouth.

Hare Felt 9

Combine the two main parts of white on the head is inserted between the ears and around the hare on the edge sew.

Hare of felt 10

These birds can be a lot of crap, even with different color ear.

Hare of felt 1


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