DIY – How to make a Handmade Ring of Plastic !

Today you will learn how to make a plastic ring. 

For the manufacture of such original rings, it is possible to use ready-made substrates or to make them independently from a wire.

plastic ring

The first part of the lesson “How to make a ring of plastic” – wire.

make a ring

In order to make a wire base for the ring, we need a hard wire approximately 1-1.2 mm thick and 10 centimeters of wire 10inches thinner, but that it is necessarily strong and not brittle.

To make the base, we need to cut off 9 cm of thick wire, then process the ends of the nail file so that they do not prick the finger. Round-nosed pliers need to wrap the ends of a piece of wire so that the resulting rings look in opposite directions. Now we need to flatten the part with pliers. You can also beat off everything with a hammer and the base
for the ring to make a flat.

Now we need to wrap the wire around a rigid cylindrical object or around a thick marker. That’s ready the most simple ring that can be adjusted.

Then we need to use a more thin wire on the base. Wrap about one centimeter of the wire, cut off its ends, leaving the small pins, about 8 mm long .

The second part of the lesson “How to make a ring of plastic” – plastic.

We make a ring of plastic.
Handmade Ring of Plastic

First, you need to roll out a bit of plastic very smoothly and cut a circle out of it with any suitable shape. Now the size of the small pins obtained on the basis of two holes. This can be done by the pins themselves, until the plastic is baked. After this, the circle should be baked.

When the plastic circle has cooled, it is necessary to put it on the pins and clamp them with pliers.
Then you need to lubricate the resulting substrate with PVA glue or liquid plastic . At the center of the base we attach a little raw plastic in the form of a hemisphere so that it completely covers the wire. On the top, we put a slice obtained from a plastic sausage or a finished layer with a pattern, which is pre-rolled to the desired size, and the diameter of the base should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the cut itself. It is better that the cut edge color and the color of the previously baked circle are the same.

After this, it is necessary to press the edges of the cut with the pattern to the base and smooth them. Next, you need to straighten the ring. We bake the resulting product, after which it is necessary to polish and polish the finished ring, as a full-fledged polishing of the products of their plastic is very important.

Here is how (for comparison) the ring is polished and not polished. The difference is certainly not too much, but if you look closely, you can notice it.

plastic rings
Handmade Ring of Plastic

rings made of plastic

DIY – How to make a Handmade Ring of Plastic !

rings made of plastic

Now you need to properly trim the edges and the inside of the finished ring. To do this, you need to take sandpaper No. 320, and the drawing itself is covered with paper No. 400 and above. But it’s best to go around the ring with all the paper numbers to No. 1500 and then necessarily polish it with a very soft cloth. It will take about 20 minutes, but the received product is worth it.


Also try making earrings from plastic with your own hands or eekbana made of natural material , for interior decoration.


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