DIY – How to make a Handmade Wedding Bouquet !

At the wedding, you can make an original bouquet for the bride, one that no one will have. I’ll tell you how to make a wedding will be your own hands and show it in the photo. I made a lot of bouquets, for example from leaves , a bouquet of sweets or a bouquet of napkins , but they are not suitable for the bride. I will create the same of brilliant stones, you can even say from Swarovski stones. What is most interesting is that the material will not be needed much at all, the bouquet itself is made long because there are too many branches in it. In other things, you will see for yourself.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet


Prepare the necessary to create a wedding bouquet yourself:

 Crystals, 8th size, transparent.
 Insulating tape.
 Drill, for full convenience.
 Beautiful ribbon.

Important! Crystals should be with a hole in the middle, according to the principle of beads.


That’s all we need, let’s get to work.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

The idea is to make a lot of stems from wire, at the end of which a crystal is attached.
We take the wire and cut off a long piece. We put on it our crystal. Then fold the wire in half and twist it a couple of times to fix the crystal.

How to make a wedding bouquet by yourself 3

Now the moment that will make your work easier. We take a drill and insert into it not a drill, but a special hook. This hook we cling to the crystal, on the other hand we hold the edge of the wire very tightly with pliers. We pull both sides and turn on the drill, be ready to stop it or you can turn it on a little bit. So we twist both parts of the wire and get an original stem for our bouquet. Hands, you would have embodied it for a very long time.

How to make a wedding bouquet by yourself 4

Then when a large number of stems were made, pieces of 100-300, we unite them into a bouquet and rewind them with electrical tape. Tightly and with great effort it is necessary to do this, so that the bouquet does not fall apart. The upper parts of the stems can be bent as desired.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

At the final stage, we also tightly rewind the handle with a beautiful and bright ribbon, this is done over the tape. You can even make a beautiful bow on top.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

Now you have learned how to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands and even on a photo it’s all seen. Near the hand-craft looks gruff, but from a distance she has no equal. Create beauty, do it together with me.


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