DIY – How to Make a Wedding Chest – Recycling Ideas !

In this master class I will create and show step by step on the photo, as from a regular box from under the glasses make a wedding chest for money with their own hands, to which at the wedding guests throw envelopes, postcards and bills. It seems that such an accessory is not necessary, but on such a day everything should be perfect to the smallest detail.

Wedding Chest for money home
Wedding Chest

So, to create and decorate a wedding chest for money we will need:

• box;
• Whatman;
• PVA glue;
• brush;
• Decorative paper;
• Organza;
• corrugated paper;
• satin ribbon;
• glue gun;
• usual and painter’s scotch tape;
• scissors;
• ruler;
• a pencil.

Wedding Chest

First, we’ll get the internal partitions out of the box. Let’s proceed to the formation of the lid of the chest.

Wedding Chest for Money 2

Next we draw a part of the circle (arc) on the side. On both sides, we indent about 5 cm and draw an even line. Do the same on the second side and connect all the lines on the front wall. It is important that all lines are parallel to the base of the box.

Wedding Chest for Money 3

Cut out the top with scissors.

Wedding Chest for Money 4

It must be done so that the chest lid can flex freely. Otherwise, it will simply break and deform. Therefore, we make biga (fold) lines with an interval of about 1.5 cm. It is necessary to press under the ruler of the line with the back side of the scissors on the inside of the cover.

Wedding Chest for Money 5

We cut the drawn lines on the front and side walls. On the back wall inside we draw the biga line (bend).

Wedding Chest for Money 6

We fasten the upper part to the side walls with the help of ordinary scotch tape. He keeps it firmly, but on top of it it’s better to stick paint tape, since we will stick a box on the paper, but it’s unlikely to be made for an ordinary Scotch tape.


Also we cut off the extra cardboard to get even joints. Only cut off the strip is not thrown away – it will come in handy in the future.

Wedding Chest for Money 7

We fix all sides with the help of an adhesive tape.

Wedding Chest for Money 8

Wedding Chest for Money 9

Put the lid with the inside side up and cut the hole for the envelopes in the center. The thickness is 1-1.5 cm, and the length is at your discretion.

Wedding Chest for Money 10

It is necessary to cut several millimeters of cardboard on the bottom of the lid, so that after gluing the chest could be closed.

Wedding Chest for Money 11

Now we paste the whole chest with white paper. We begin with the bottom part. Cut out a strip the size equal to two lateral walls, front and allowances on 1 sm from all sides. First, we glue the front wall in the center of the cut paper, and then glue the side walls. It is necessary to smooth the surface and press it for a short time, so that the paper does not come unstuck.

Wedding Chest for Money 12

Wedding Chest for Money 13

Cut the paper at an acute angle in the corners and seal all the allowances.

Wedding Chest for Money 14

Wedding Chest for Money 15

Seal the side walls of the lid. In this case, the allowances from the convex side are cut to repeat the rounded shape.
Next, cut out a strip of paper the size equal to the bottom, the back wall, the top of the lid. Allowances should be left only on two sides: the bottom and top. Seal the remainder of the box .

Wedding Chest for Money 16

On the reverse side, we make an incision in the hole so that the allowances are obtained and we seal them inwards.

Wedding Chest for Money 17

Pasting some beautiful decorative paper completely the entire chest in the same way as it was pasted with a paper. Only we glue not on glue PVA, but only glue the edges of the glue gun.

Wedding Chest for Money 18

Wedding Chest for Money 19

You can wrap a chest in an organza or some similar material for greater effect. We take an organza of such size that it completely envelops the box. We wrap it completely at full length, placing the chest in the middle of the material. Allowances are glued inwards.

Wedding Chest for Money 20

On the sides we make drapery and glue it to the inside of the chest with the help of a glue gun.

Wedding Chest for Money 21

Wedding Chest for Money 22

We take the cut off strip from the lid and paste it with decorative paper. Glue to the inner part of the front wall. This protrusion allows the lid to stay in place.

Wedding Chest for Money 23

It remains to decorate the chest inside and out. Outside there will be three-dimensional flowers from the material that we used throughout the whole process. We cut stripes of different length and width.

Wedding Chest for Money 24

Fold the strip in half.

Wedding Chest for Money 25

Bend the corner at the very beginning.

Wedding Chest for Money 26

Begin to twist to the end of the tape, holding your fingers at the base.

Wedding Chest for Money 27

Wedding Chest for Money 28

In a chaotic order, we glue flowers on hot melt.

Wedding Chest for Money 29

We’ll make the ties for the chest, pasting the tapes to the bottom and the lid under the flowers.

Wedding Chest for Money 30

We decorate the inside. Before gluing the entire surface, it is necessary to fasten the cover with a ribbon. One end of it is glued to the lid, and the other to the side.

Wedding Chest for Money 31

We paste corrugated paper all over the inside of the chest.

Wedding Chest for Money 32

Wedding Chest for Money 33

Here is a trunk, in which the newlyweds will collect their first family budget.

Wedding Chest for Money 34

Wedding Chest for Money 35

Wedding Chest for Money 36


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