DIY – How to Make an Easy Foam Flower !

From this master class you will learn how to make dandelion foamirana of their own hands with step by step directions and photos. You can make a whole song or even weave a wreath on his head, which will bloom forever.

Dandelion from the main foamirana

To do this, we need:

• foamiran yellow and green;

• Floral wire;
• scissors;
• teip Feed green;
• glue gun.

Dandelion of foamirana 1

First, prepare the stem for dandelion. Take floristic wire about 10-12 cm long, is fixed on one end teip green-tape and screw it on to the end of the wire from the reverse side. It is better to fix the end of the tape with hot melt glue.

Dandelion of foamirana 2

Then you need to cut a strip of yellow foamirana. This will be the main blank for the flower. Its width and length is dependent on the desired size of dandelion. If, for example, you are going to make a whole bunch, it can be cut into strips of varying widths and lengths. In this case, the stem and the length of each flower is different.
For example, the size of the cut strip in 30h3 cm and one edge is very carefully cut scissors, transforming it into the fringe. We do not reach to the opposite edge of scissors approximately 0.7 cm.

Dandelion of foamirana 3

Now, on the edge of the more solid side fasten one end of the stem so that it did not get on the fringe.

Dandelion of foamirana 4

Begin to twist the end of the stick inside, constantly podkleivaya new layer. Tightening the several layers have the following are gradually lowered down to 1-2 mm. That will have a recess. The main thing is that each layer slides down a very short distance and eventually transition has been very smooth, as this will affect the shape of the flower.

Dandelion of foamirana 5

Dandelion of foamirana 6

In this recess, we apply the adhesive so that it covers the entire surface and squeeze all the walls inside a stick. We fix until cool.

Dandelion of foamirana 7

Flower immediately revealed. We need only to spread his fringe to make it look more realistic.

Dandelion from foamirana 8

Cut green sepal diameter approximately equal to the diameter of dandelion. Make a hole in the middle.

Dandelion from foamirana 9

Threaded stem through hole sepal and each leaf is pasted to the flower.

Dandelion of foamirana 10

Dandelion from foamirana 11

Dandelion from foamirana 12

Dandelion can be planted on a thin wire, which bends well. Then you can safely make a wreath on his head from a variety foamiranovyh dandelions or make a bouquet that will give your home a sunny mood.

Dandelion from foamirana 13

Dandelion from foamirana 14

Dandelion from foamirana 15


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