DIY How to Make Flowers out of crepe Paper !

And again, the master class on colors, let’s learn together how to make flowers from a paper-wrapped paper with our own hands. Very easy and interesting hand-crafted, if you can do it with the children. Choose a different color paper and make a whole bouquet, it can even be given to someone. One flower takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

What we need:

1. Wrinkled paper of different colors;
2. Ordinary thick white paper;
3. Pencil;
4. Scissors;
5. Glue.

You only need to buy paper, the rest I think there is every person at home.

Cut out the patterns from the dense white paper. You need four petals, from the smallest to the largest.

cut off a thin line of lilac color.

We start to twist it, so to say roll.

When we rolled the entire line, we cut it into three equal parts.

Begin from the molds of the curves to cut the petals from the paper.

Let’s make the petals slightly inward.

The narrowed edge is slightly folded and we make a bend.

We insert three twisted lilac wands in one petal, but initially glaze with glue.

Make a flower , connect all the petals layer by layer. We fix them with glue, it takes time that it dry out.

Cut the petals a little more but already white.

Next we collect our flower .

An even larger size of the petals is red.

And again we collect homemade work by lubricating every detail with glue.

And the last lilac color of petals of the largest size.

The tip of the stalk is carefully lubricated with glue and let it dry.

It turns out that such a beautiful creation.

And of course we create many similar colors, changing and adding colors, as well as slightly shaped petals.


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