DIY – How to Make Handmade Greeting Card + Tutotrial !

Ways to make a beautiful card with your own hands, there are many. Few, however, refers to the technique of the art of cutting paper, considering it overwork. In fact, the cutting of the paper is not as complicated as it seems at first glance, and this technique is able to master almost any. The main thing to be patient and focus on creating beautiful!


Since the cut paper we postcard, from the materials we need:

1. Red and gold cardboard;
2. Satin ribbons (red);
3. Rhinestones;
4. PVA glue;
5. Transparent glue MOMENT;
6. Copy paper;
7. Ruler;
8. Pencil;
9. Compass (if necessary);
10. Small scissors (if necessary);
11. Eraser;
12. A stencil with a pattern;
13. Wooden surface (for cutting);
14. Stationery knife.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 20

So, if all the materials begin to work:

1. Take the golden cardboard A4. Measure out 20 cm, do serifs and hold the left edge of the line. Then define the midway, where we will take the bending line. Thus, the width of the folded card is 10 cm.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 1

2. Basis for future cards ready.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 2

3. Then take the stencil with a picture (if you are unable to draw a pattern, use the internet). We put the inside of the carbon paper cards (be sure that you have made it correctly), then the stencil. See that picture was located closer to the center. However, do not be afraid if you are a bit of his slide.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 3

4. trace the pattern with a pencil on the contours of the figure. Be careful to make sure that all the lines outlined. In addition, make sure that the copy paper does not move around.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 4

Figure 5. ready. In order to avoid mistakes, slightly shade the areas that will be cut.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 5

6. In order to avoid scratching the table, take the wooden surface, stationery knife (or cutter) and cut out the contours of the figure. At this stage, do not rush. The pressure must be strong, but smooth. Especially gently move to the edges of the picture. After each cut-out portion, pushes her with a knife and removed from the drawing.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 6

7. In the process should be both internal and external side.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 7

8. The basic pattern is ready. Traces of the pencil can not overwrite, because in the future they will be blocked by the other cardboard.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 8

9. The pattern can be corrected with small scissors.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 9

10. Proceeding from the basic pattern, you can freehand draw a similar, on the upper edges of the cards .

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 10

11. Cut out the pattern and take the cardboard scarlet. Paper size should be slightly less than 1: 2 parts card, as it will be located beneath the cut-out pattern.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 11

12. Take the pre-prepared layered paper mounting, put on them and putting a transparent glue around the pattern.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 12

13. Thus, the cardboard will protrude slightly.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 13

14. Clay rhinestone circle.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 14

15. Fasten satin ribbon with a transparent adhesive.

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 15

16. knotted bow .

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 16

Greeting card with artistic carving is ready. It remains only to write their wishes in it and it will be pleasing to the eye for a long time hero for the day!

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 17

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 18

otkrytka-s-uzorami-iz-bumagi 19


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