DIY How to Make Pom Pom Yarn Chicks for Kids ! 

For the Easter holidays will be interesting to do a little decorating that will decorate it. Namely, let’s create a thread of chickens for Easter, in the form of pompons with their hands. We need a thread, accessories in the form of the eye, as well as learn how to make a  . And some tools: scissors, glue, needle, etc. This hack put next to Easter eggs and Easter cakes, it is very decorate them. That would create about five chickens we will need about half an hour if you’re mistress of all trades, and if you are a beginner, then about an hour.


Take for knitting yarn, yellow, and wound them on what that thing. Remove the thread holding it in the middle. Cut both sides, and in the center rewind another thread, then raspushivaem.

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 1

Receives a yellow buboes , glue them to the beak and legs.

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 2

Then glue the eyes, but it is accurate, then they were not too hollow.

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 3

So create as many chickens as possible, they just will not superfluous. Kids love to play them.

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 4

Be sure to experiment, or the first time may not be possible and you will lower your arms. This can not be done.

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 5

Tsyplyata-iz-nitok-k-pashe-svoimi-rukami 6


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