DIY – Jewelry Making – How to Make Handmade Earring out of polymer Clay .

Today we will learn how to make earrings out of plastic with their hands, and in particular make earrings in the form of a bunch of grapes.
Clarification! The material will be used plastic, also known as polymer clay, a material that feels very similar to clay.

Earrings made of plastic with their hands

To create earrings made of plastic, we need:

Two stationery knife;

Two different colors of polymer clay (plastic);
Disposable gloves that would not stain his hands;
Metal surfaces that have put the product and stick in the oven;
Baking paper;
Acrylic paint, special for plastic;
The eyelet and the hooks (shvenzy), accessories for that would hang earrings ear;


What would work with polymer clay, wallpaper surface should be smooth and it should not stick it. Since we have two different colors of plastic we use for each piece of your knife. When we prepared the workstation for creating earrings made of plastic with your hands, and you can proceed. The method is very simple!


Dress gloves;
To begin, cut with a knife, a piece of clay;
As the clay is incredibly soft, the hands of our sausage Kara bunch;
Be sure to make sausages of equal length;
Then, take a piece of green clay, roll out and cut out with a knife petal;
We combine purple sausages in a way that would get our plans, and our top fasten green petal;
Top insert loop that would strengthen them shvenzy (it hooks that are worn in the ear and keep the earrings);
Next to the bed of our baking paper, plastic berry, then to the metal surface and sticks to the furnace;
Important! Keep the product in the oven about 30 minutes, otherwise the clay will start to dry out and crack.
Give a little bit cool earrings;
Acrylic paint cover the product;
Finally dries our earrings made with their own hands and put on shvenzy;


That’s the end, earrings made of plastic with their hands are completely ready yet, you can come up with some of their own, decorative item and bring it.
In addition to creating earrings learn how to make tulips quilling or what will happen if there are gnats small child.


Next, I will show in the photo illustrated some aspects of preparation of our own crafts.

how to make earrings out of plastic
polymer clay
cut polymer clay
Kata sausages made of plastic
Plastic tab
Earrings made of plastic
Earrings made of plastic in the oven
Earrings made of plastic with his hands photo


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