DIY Kanzashi Flowers – Satin Ribbon Flower for Hair Accessories !

Kanzashi is an ancient Japanese technique for creating jewelry for the hair. Of course, over time, materials and style of execution have changed significantly, but from this they have not become less beautiful. To create very beautiful ornaments from satin ribbons, as for example the flower we made, under the power of any person, only desires and a minimum of materials are enough.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

For example, you can make a Kanzashi female bezel whose master class I will show you in this article.

To create a Kansas rim, we need:


– Satin ribbon approx. 5 cm wide black and white.
– White ribbon but already approximate width of 2.5 cm.
– Silver brocade 2.5 cm wide.
– Tweezers.
– Candle
– Adhesive Pistol
– Scissors.
– Basis of felt.
– Decorative center.
– Bezel.

Kanzashi Bezel 1

Manufacture of Kanzash parts begins with the fact that we cut ribbons into squares.

Kanzashi Headband 2

Color k on the rim will consist of a variety of Kansashe petals, so first we make classic sharp petals. To do this, take a square and add it diagonally to get a triangle.

Kangaroo Headband 3

Then fold this triangle carefully neatly again.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

And again in half, fixing with tweezers.

Kangaroo Headband 5

Scissors cut off the edge of the petal and we melt it over the candle.

Kanzashi Bezel 6

Then cut the bottom of the petal and also melt over the candle.

Kansas Headband 7

We get such a petal.

Kansas Headband 8

Kansas Headband 9

Now make a two-color sharp petal .
Take the black and white squares, add together the triangles and place them, as shown in the picture.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

A black triangle should embrace the white on one side.

Kansas Headband 11

Fold this figure in half.

Kanzashi Bezel 12

We make a sharp petal, folding it once more in half, cutting and melting the edges.

Kansasi Bezel 13

Kansasi Bezel 14

Let’s make a two-colored round petal. Take the black and white squares, fold them into triangles and join them together.

Kansasi Bezel 15

The edges of the triangle are bent.

Kansasi Bezel 16

External edges bend inwards.

Kansasi Bezel 17

Cut with scissors and we melt the edge and the bottom of the petal over the candle.

Kanzashi Bezel 18

Kansas Headband 19

We get a round two-color petal.

Kanzashi Bezel 20

The flower can be supplemented with double pointed petals. To make it, you need to take a large black sharp petal, as well as a small sharp petal made from a 2.5 cm tape.

Kanzashi Bezel 21

Kanzashi Bezel 22

The base of the small sharp petal is slightly greased with glue and gently placed inside the large petal.

Kanzashi Bezel 23

The assembly of the rim begins with the fact that we take the felt base and glue the round petals on it.

Kanzashi Bezel 24

Kansas Headband 25

Satin Ribbon Flower for Hair Accessories

Then arbitrarily glue the other petals. We used white sharp, black sharp, sharp two-color, sharp double, inside which placed small petals of white tape and brocade. The middle of the flower was made of small sharp petals, and between them was placed a shiny lace. In the middle of the center, they glued a decorative half-bead. All the petals are attached using a glue gun.

Kanzashi Bezel 26

Then, with the help of glue, the flower was fixed on the rim.

Kanzashi Bezel 27

Here is such an unusual bezel turned out.


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