DIY Kids Crafts – How to Make Handmade Children’s Hats !

Crafts for children are very simple, so that every little child can do something with his own hands. In today’s article, I’ll tell you how to make children’s hats with your own hands. We will make them colorful and bright.

Детские шляпы своими руками

To create a hat, we need the following things:

– A glass, you can paper or plastic.
Ordinary glue.”
Simple thread.
Two balls with a through hole.
Paper is papyrus, of course, of different colors.
Cardboard, preferably white.
A pencil.
Simple scissors.”
Sudochek, plastic, round.

материал для создания шляпы

We begin to create a children’s hat with our own hands.

We take the round sudok, laying it on cardboard, circling it in pencil and cutting it out.

Шляпу делаем сами

Then at the cut out circle on the edges we make many cuts, so to speak velvety edges.

бархатные края

On the paper cup we plan the center. We also do this on the cardboard that we cut out.

шляпы детские делаем

Now in the intended place, we make a hole and pass a thread with balls at each end. We have connected both parts, it is still possible to grease them with glue for reliability.

своими руками шляпки

Now take the papyrus paper, cut the breakage of different colors, and then make them like this:


Now we begin to decorate our children’s hat. We paste multi-colored papyri on the body of our crafts. We start from the top of the head.

декорируем шляпу
Клеем к шляпке папирус
Шляпа своими руками делаем

Now we decorate the sides of the cap.

шляпа делаем
как сделать шляпу
Как сделать шлюпу для детей

So our hat is made by own hands. To the sides of the hat you can attach a rubber and put on that hat, it will not fall off. Similar we did, this is the ears of Mickey Mouse . Now we have two crafts to choose from in the carnival evening.

Детские шляпы своими руками как сделать



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