DIY – How to Make Decorating Wedding Bottles !

These wedding bottles can be made for those who, like me, are not very friendly with sewing. It’s simple, So:

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

We have here are 2 bottles, building glue, slanting white and black skirt, 11 m long. In advance I apologize for the background and background (mess, well, or creative mess)

Measure and cut the pieces of tape, and paste it on the bottle .. We do the groom first. Shirt is made of two pieces of white tape.

Here approximately so

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

Half of the tuxedo is ready

Now take a long piece of beiki and start wrapping the entire bottle horizontally, applying glue to the dots. And here is the whole (rear view). It took about 20 minutes.

Now get down to the bride.

We make her a dress. First of the pieces of tape

Then we wrap the whole ribbon to the bottom

So the bride is ready. We will make her a skirt. Baki leaves 11 m if done on a bottle so that it does not appear translucent. You can pre-color it in white – accordingly, the tape consumption will be less.

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

The skirt is a usual children’s bow made of tulle. I folded it in half, pulled it together and stuck it to the bottle. This evening is enough.

Day two, or rather evening. We proceed to the headgear. We make the hat of the bride from the cardboard, only the fields I made from plastic, so that there was a bend

Now the turn of the groom’s cylinder – it’s completely made of cardboard

So they say in draft form

We paste the hat of the groom with the same black oblique bake

Here’s what happened

Similarly, the bride’s hat is made.

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

And here is the beautiful bride

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

Newlyweds .. !!

Flowers from ribbons to a hat for greater expressiveness and brightness of the image

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

As without decoration on the neck

Groom Butterfly

Well, that’s a sweet couple ready

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

Oh, yes the glued-on skirt was decorated with silver braid. Again for glue. In previous versions, this place was just a children’s hair band

Photo on parting, after you give the customer

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

And now I will show practically all of my sets this summer. This is the very first one, which actually started. Literally persuaded the groom to make such a decoration on the table. I really wanted to try it myself.

Seeing the first set, a colleague at work wanted exactly the same for the wedding of her daughter. I forgot to take pictures at home, so only this photo before the bottles were taken.

The third couple made MC (see above) This is the fourth. They are almost all the same, not counting the individual details. Responsible approach to photographing as usual does not have enough time.

And another one. I apologize for the quality of the picture. There were a couple where the bride I made a three-layered long veil, it’s a pity there is no photo. It was very beautiful.

Well, this is the last one. Honestly, speaking a little tired, but if people ask what to do All need the same ..

ALMOST ONE YEAR, I add one more couple of newlyweds.

The bride’s skirt changed a little

And the hat was more careful

According to the headgear, as I know, there are always a lot of questions. Above I said that I glued them earlier myself, but now I use the plugs to get hot. drink with a wide neck. For the groom along with the bottom, for the bride simply a cork

Here you can see how the bridegroom’s hat is made. First, I pasted the cork with a blind. Then she drew a circle wider in diameter, and inside she drew a smaller circle, attaching a lid. The fields of the cap were wrapped separately by a blind and glued on the glue to the cover of the titanium. Holds tight and looks neater.

In my opinion it is clear from the photo.

03.07.2013. I’m adding a photo, as I’m doing now hats. We have two plugs one from the … and, the second from the hairspray (you can take 2 caps from 40 degrees and stick them with adhesive tape on top of each other.

We cut off 3 small pieces of beiki and begin to glue them first on the sides

Here, on the other hand, we glue

and in the middle

Now take the kuchochke authentic and begin wrapping the lid

It turns out like this.

The same thing we do with a white hat

Decorating Wedding
Decorating Wedding

Here are two ready-made items

Now we cut out from the cardboard 2 details for the fields. We try the inner circle from the lid and take a bit wider

Now we are wrapping these bikes. Glue I smear only one side of the circle, which will be below

Now the bottom of our cylinder I circle around at the very bottom of my coat with glue and put on a circle. Leave to grab for a few minutes

Similarly, we come with the bride’s hat

That’s all ready. We decorate to your taste




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