DIY – How to Make an Umbrella for Cocktail !

Hello friends, I think everyone likes to party and colorful parties, so today I’ll tell you about paper crafts , namely how to make paper umbrellas for cocktails with your own hands, what would the party seemed even more extravagant.

как сделать зонтик для коктейля

We need a little material:

Ordinary boiler umbrellas.
Scotch tape, always two-sided.
Very thin paper of different colors.

Now let’s start creating exclusive umbrellas. The work will not be difficult, but it will take a little time.
Cut the paper in thin strips and add it.

Делаем зонтик

Now we make the fringe on these strips with scissors, i.e. many, many cuts on the edge of the strips.

как сделать зонтик

Next, we cut small strips of double-sided adhesive tape and glue them on each edge of the umbrella. Strips of tape should be the length of the radius of the umbrella.


Instead of tape, you can also use PVA glue, then you will need to accurately apply it on the edges of the umbrella, and then wait until the glue dries.

зонт для коктейля и вечеринок

Now, you can even casually, on an umbrella with an adhesive tape to glue the fringed paper.

зонтик для коктейля из бумаги

Required! On the edges, even from above, you can paste fringe in many layers, this is necessary in order that would not be visible umbrella.

сделать зонт из бумаги

So our umbrella for cocktails is ready with our own hands. Pleasant parties with such umbrellas in cocktails.
Just try to make a boat out of paper or transformer .

зонтики для коктейлей своими руками


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