DIY Paper Crafts – How to Make Handmade Paper Bag – Gift Box .

Everyone loves the holidays, but with trepidation they await the kids. And the very first winter holiday is St. Nicholas Day. This day is the most sweet and intimate. After all, only Nicholas brings a lot of sweets, chocolates and other goodies for a good and obedient.


And how to make a box of chocolates to his hands from the paper and to please their sweet tooth now and you will learn.

For the work we will need the following materials:

2.Nozhnitsy (conventional and teeth);
3.Strazy (different colors);
4.Kley (PVA and transparent – TIME);
5.Atlasnaya ribbon (pink and white);

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 18

Now we begin to work:

1. Make a box , we will in the present scheme, where the numbers indicate the number of cm in the one direction or another. The width of the “bookmark” we define the eye.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 1

2. Draw a diagram on the inside, cut it out with scissors.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 2

3. Next, cut out the “T-shirt” – it will be the face of the box.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 3

4. Scissors with teeth give shape to the part of the paper, which in the future will be connected with the “T-shirt”.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 4

5. The base of the box ready.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 5

6. Fold the box along the contour of each line (for better bending can use office knife, gently drawing them on paper).

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 6

7. Do not forget about the punch and make two holes (for tape).

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 7

8. To pokleit sides were smooth and tight to each other using glue MOMENT.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 8

9. Box add up in stages, in the manner shown in the photo.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 9

10. The basis of the need to glue in the last turn.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 10

11. Carefully add up the sides of the box.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 11

12. knotted ribbon through the holes, do the punch.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 12

13. Put a little white glue to the midway point of each sprocket and glue rhinestones on them (only one face).

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 13

After complete drying of the adhesive, the box can be safely used as an annex to the present. Select small candies, wrap them in a beautiful bright paper, pack and gently pass to Nicholas. Be sure your child will appreciate such an unusual and colorful gift.

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 14

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 15

Korobochka-dlya-konfet 16


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