DIY Paper Crafts – How to Make a Quilling Frame out of Cardboard !

Frames for photos can be not only a good decoration of the interior, but also a wonderful gift to loved ones. They can be bought at any store or made from improvised materials by their own hands. The most accessible material in this case is paper.

Quilling box with cardboard

What would happen is we have a quilling box of cardboard with our own hands for photos, we will need a multi-colored cardboard, glue gun, PVA glue, office knife, paper for quilling, a tool for quilling.

Quilling box with cardboard by hand 1

Quilling Frame out of Cardboard

We begin with the fact that on the inside of the colored cardboard we draw the size of our future frame in the decor .

Quilling box with cardboard 2

Then take the knife and carefully cut out the frame .

Quilling box with cardboard 3

Now you need to take a glue gun and glue together a whole sheet of cardboard and workpiece for the frame. Apply glue to the very edge of the whole cardboard, so that there is room for a photo. What’s more, plus the use of an adhesive gun, that it creates a small space between the sheets of cardboard, where the photograph will be located in the future.

Quilling box with cardboard 4

Quilling box with cardboard 5

Now you need to make a stand for the frame. To do this, take the cardboard and cut out the figure as shown in the photo. Bend the edges of the figure in such a way that the middle remains about a centimeter wide.

Quilling box with cardboard 6

At the back of the middle, apply glue and glue the stand to the frame.

Quilling box with cardboard 7

Quilling box with cardboard 8

Now you can proceed to the decor, which will be made in the quilling technique. For this we need to take a quilling tool. If you do not have one, it can be very easily made from a conventional toothpick.

Quilling box from cardboard 9

To do this, take a knife, and gently cut the edge of the toothpick. The tool is ready.

Quilling carton frame by yourself 10

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 11

Now we start to make flowers, for this we clamp the edge of the paper in the toothpick and fold the loose circle.

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 12

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 13

Then press one end of the circle to get a drop. This will be our petals. Do not forget to glue the edges of the paper PVA.

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 14

Quilling carton frame with your hands 15

With the help of PVA glue we collect a flower of six petals, and decorate the middle with a simple yellow circle.

Quilling box with cardboard 16

Quilling carton frame with your hands 17

We adhere the flower to the frame.

Quilling carton frame with your hands 18

We make other flowers. To do this, we twist a loose circle, and then bend the two edges upward, pressing the middle inward.

Quilling box with cardboard 19

Quilling carton frame with your hands 20

Quilling cardboard frame by hand 21

We supplement this flower with green leaves-droplets and connect it with another flower with a strip of green paper.

Quilling a frame made of cardboard by one's own hands 22

In the same way, we make a flower of a different color and attach it to the top of the frame. From the green paper, folded together several times, we make a sheet that is fastened to the bottom flower and we complement the composition with one more leaf and twig.

Quilling box with cardboard 23

Quilling box with cardboard 24

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 25

We glue together a few green strips and attach them to the base of the flower . We bend twigs, imitating a vine. Do not forget to fix everything with glue.

Quilling a cardboard frame by one's own hands 26

Quilling box with cardboard 27

Quilling box with cardboard 28

On the edge of the upper branch we fasten a small flower from simple circles.

Quilling carton frame with your hands 29

The frame is ready. If desired, the decor can be supplemented with a large number of details.

Quilling a cardboard frame with your own hands 30


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