DIY Paper Crafts – Making a Quilling Paper Basket !

quilling technique is very interesting and exciting. You can do many wonderful things from nothing at all, but for this you need a little patience. Today I would like to offer to make a basket in the master class in the technique of quilling Track scheme step by step photo instructions. It can be a gift or simply to decorate your room.

Basket main quilling

For work, we need:

– office paper (green and yellow);
– glue;
– a pair of scissors;
– Brush;
– the cover (it will form to the basket);
– stem from the pen or toothpick (to twist).

Basket quilling 1

Getting Started.

1) Of the paper sheet need to cut strips of equal length. I divide a sheet of paper by using Microsoft Office programs. The document creating a table I (column 1, line 42) and extends over the entire sheet. Then print and cut.

2) The obtained green strips curl tight spirals and put them into the cover and coat with adhesive using a brush. Why do bands of yellow curl 21 and the free spiral from green strips one big loose spiral. The resulting spiral put into the cover as shown in the figure, carefully coat with glue and leave to dry for half an hour.

Basket Kvilling 2

Basket Kvilling 3

3) After the base has dried, proceed to assembly of the side walls. For this curl 16zholtyh tight spirals and 15 green tight spirals. Glue them horizontally to the ground, alternating colors.

Basket quilling 4

Further we produce yellow loose spirals of glue and vertically to the ground.

Basket quilling 5

Basket quilling 6

Memorable promazyvat each row of glue. Now we need to free from green spirals make diamonds as shown and glue horizontally.

Basket quilling 7

Basket quilling 8

We coat the entire basket of glue and leave to dry.

4) While the basket dries zaymomsya handle and the last part of the wall of the basket . For this purpose, the twist-free spiral and put them in the cover, forming a circle, and an adhesive grease reserve, dry.

Basket quilling 9

To handle us just need a free spiral green, but we’ll make a semicircle. Then the same amount of free glue spirals above.

Basket quilling 10

Basket quilling 11

5) Optionally, you can make a flower for taming the handle.

Basket quilling 12

6) is glued to the upper part of the basket and the handle. It should be well coated with adhesive all the product and leave to dry for a day.

Basket quilling 13

Spending a little time, we made a basket. You can keep in her jewelry or small trinkets.

Basket quilling 14


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