DIY Play Dough – How to Make a Tree for Kids !

In today’s lesson (master class with step by step photos), I will teach you how to make a tree of plasticine its hands. Hack takes fifteen minutes maximum. Just need three colors of plasticine. Brown, dark green (for the general background of the leaves on the tree), as well as light green (for different berries). Children create such a tree is not difficult, of course under the supervision and help from an adult.

Tree from plasticine primary

You can do the whole collection, before that I was talking about snails , fox or hare that originally fit into one big picture.

Immediately prepare the material that we need. Brown part is rolled into balls, so out of it will be more convenient to do anything.

Wood plasticine 1

Create a trunk, roll it. On the one hand narrower, and on the other wider.

Wood plasticine 2

We put the barrel on the surface, and on all four sides, at the bottom, we fix it.

Wood plasticine 3

Now we need to make branches. We make an incision with a knife in the middle of the barrel, almost to the middle.

Wood plasticine 4

Both halves are doing even more cuts and get a lot of branches.

Wood plasticine 5

Then, sculpt the green part of the leaves on the tree.

Wood plasticine 6

Putting the leaves and the trunk with branches.

Chart 7 plasticine

Knife make cuts that would express the bark.

Tree from plasticine 8

The next step is to dazzle twisted flowers, wood or berries. Immediately roll the small sausages.

Tree from plasticine 9

Curl them like snails.

Wood plasticine 10

Cleave twisted Circuits to create a tree. Mainly on the branches.

Tree from plasticine 11

Decorate crafts and blind hollow for squirrels. Roll a sausage brown.

Tree from plasticine 12

Twist it in the form of a snail, as before a green piece.

Tree from plasticine 13

Prilep hollow in the middle of the trunk. Here is the tree came out of plasticine. Now, this creature can be combined with others and to create the big picture.

Tree from plasticine 14

Tree from plasticine 15

Tree from plasticine 16


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