DIY Polymer Clay – How to Make a Polymer Button in the form of a leaf !

Not many people know how to actually do original things from polymer clay. In today’s master class I will tell you how to make one of the simplest things for beginners, namely a button in the form of a leaf. Having made such an article in several copies, you can sew buttons on some kind of knitted blouse or sewn dress to the child. Who only learns handicrafts in this area, the article will be useful and informative.


For work it is necessary:

1. Polymer clay in different colors;
2. Leaves in a suitable shape;
3. The iron device.

Find beautiful leaves and choose from them suitable for buttons. Also, choose the color of polymer clay, but I prefer to just mix all the colors with each other, but this is in the next step.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 1

We roll each piece of clay into an oblong tube. The thickness can be different.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 2

We twist the tubes together. Just add them together and scroll.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 3

Bend in half again, and then a second time.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 4

Polymer clay is similar to plasticine, it needs to be warmed up and it is very plastic. Create the shape of a button that you like.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 5

We put the leaf and print it to the future button, the side where the veins stick out.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 6

We take any available iron tool with a rounded end. We make two holes, as in any button.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 7

We put this intermediate version in the oven for 15-20 minutes, at a temperature of 110-130 degrees. After baking, the button must dry and ready for use. You can also decorate or paint it, as well as add some elements by putting them on super glue.

Pugovitsa-v-forme-listika-iz-polimernoj-gliny 8


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