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PAPER-ART, paper art or paper art, which in English means PAPER ART.
Author’s technique of Tatyana Sorokina “Paper art”. Master Class.
Decorative bottle for Valentine’s Day.

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor

A glass bottle of the form you need is cleaned from cellophane stickers, paper can not be removed. Cut into small strips of toilet paper or napkins and cover the entire surface of the bottle, stretching the paper a bit and gluing well with PVA glue.

We begin to glue the bottom. Half pasted – let the glue dry, and then glue the upper half. Glued paper with a bottle once again cover with a liquid glue PVA and allow it to dry well.

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor

That’s how the bottle prepared for work should look like. On this primer you can draw a sketch of the future pattern.

Pattern sculpted from keraplast, plastic or any other self-curing material, it is possible from salted dough. I mold the decorations on the chalkboard and immediately (still raw) I glue the PVA glue to work, adjust and mold the mortar on the spot.

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor

Now our molding should dry well. Keraplast dries a day.

Fold a three-layer or two-layer paper napkin and cut into the same strips, a width of 1-1,5 cm.
Strips are disassembled, in each there should be three or two layers. In this case, the color of the napkin is not important, it will be dyed.

Holding the strip at one end, we lower it into the water and immediately remove it. Do not hold on long, it will get wet.

We scroll the strip between the palms, twisting it in a thread. If the strip breaks, divide it into short pieces. You will still divide it into details for decoration. You can roll down and on a tissue napkin, the threads will be denser and thinner. If the napkin strips still tear, try not to wet them, but your hands.

That’s how much thread is obtained from a single napkin. On this bottle I had one napkin.
Threads can be twisted and from dense toilet paper, and from cosmetic or kitchen paper napkins …

Now we begin to decorate our bottle. From the napkins you can twist spirals, petals or whatever your imagination tells you. We paste the pattern on the PVA glue. Do a pattern of raw threads, if dry – soak, scroll again and make patterns.

Here is my bottle is decorated and now it again needs to be covered with liquid PVA glue and let it dry well. To do this, mix the PVA glue with water 1×1, to the state of liquid sour cream.

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor

The dried bottle is covered with black acrylic paint or gouache, diluted with acrylic lacquer, and again wait until it dries.

Now take the acrylic gold (silver, copper, what you want), so how my bottle will be gold. Stir gold and a piece of foam is applied to the bottle with a thin layer, as if wiping it.

That’s what it turns out after one painting, I like it even more, but I ordered a gold one …
So, after drying the first layer of gold, we apply one more layer.

And now we have a finished product. If you do not need to pour water into it, then it is ready for dried flowers.
But, if you want that it would serve as a vase for flowers, it still needs to be covered with 2-3 layers of colorless yacht lacquer.

This is the bottom of my bottle.

The request to everyone who takes the MC to favorites, and then shows in their blogs or does their work in this technique – indicate the name of the technique and the author, let’s ACTIVE reference to my master class.
I went through different sites and saw many already posted posts with my MK, but not everywhere they are correctly signed …
I do not want to quarrel with anyone, but I will not share the authorship either. Excuse me.

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor

And this bottle is decorated with unpainted napkins and plastic roses. It is called the “Million roses”)))

Recycling Ideas – Home Decor
Recycling Ideas – Home Decor


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