DIY – Recycling Ideas – How to Make a Corn Pencil Holder  !

And again, I will show mini hack, this time from a natural material, namely from old, dried corn. Hack it can be translated into reality, even the children who would be interested to sort out the seeds. We will make glass for pencils made from corn by hand. Hack can skazat utomitelnaya, as it takes a lot of time that would stick to the grains of the paper cylinder.

Glass for pencils made from corn chief

Material that will be needed for a glass of corn:

– Paper cylinder of paper or paper towels.
– Dried old grain corn.
– Glue.
– Corrugated paper green.
– Brush.
– Acrylic paint.
– A piece of cardboard.
– Scissors.

Immediately derite cylinder slowly to smear it with glue and start to stick corn. On the bottom, you can make a small indentation, as there are ornamental leaves of corn . Grain as possible stick closer to each other.

Glass Pencil corn 1

When we reached the end, glued to the top of the grain, it is necessary to make the bottom of the cup. Cut out cardboard circle, make cuts which then will have to bend to bond. And according to glue the bottom.

Glass Pencil maize 2

When pasted bottom, then put on top of the gum that would not be peeled off some of its parts. Until then, until the glue dries. Then take the yellow acrylic paint and paint it all glass.

Glass pencil from maize 3

And in the end cut of green crepe paper decorative leaves for corn. Glue them neatly, and can put pens and pencils in a cup.

Glass Pencil maize 4

Just try to make as beautiful and interesting crafts, peacock paper or owl with his own hands .


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