DIY Recycling Ideas – How to Make a Cup out of Plastic Bottles !

Returning to the heading of crafts from plastic bottles , I would like to make a small bed, a cup of cork bottles where you can always stick a needle, which there certainly will not be lost. It will be small in size and covered with a cloth. It can even be said that the size of the cup, first of all, depends on the size of the lids from the bottles, since the main part of the craft is the lids folded together, glued together, wrapped with adhesive tape or tape.

A cup of a plastic bottle home


For the product we need:

 Two – four cork bottles.
– a straw from which they drink cocktails.
– A piece of cardboard.
– The usual fabric is brown.
 fabrics for the mug, light tone.
– a little cotton wool.
 Simple scissors.
 Any glue.
– a plaster or an adhesive tape.
– The usual wooden skewer.

Initially, we’ll make a pen for the cup. Cut out a circle of light fabric. Then cut the straw, in the place where it bends. In the center of the fabric, we make incisions, quite small.

Cup of plastic bottle 2

In the center lie some of the cut straw and begin to twist.

Cup of plastic bottle 3

When we bend the straw into the fabric, it will protrude. Therefore, it is necessary to make incisions and to escape sticking out unnecessary parts. Then from both sides wrap the tissue inside the tube.

Cup of plastic bottle 4

Now take the covers from under the plastic bottles, connect them and wrap the band-aid. Then cut off a piece of cloth, the size of about 5×11 or 6×12 centimeters. Inside, the fabric is greased with glue and wrapped around the lids. This is the main part of the circle.

A cup of a plastic bottle 5

Now it is necessary to make the bottom of the mug, this is where the flat side of the lid, not sunken. Cut the fabric as shown in the photo glue.

Cup from a plastic bottle 6

We make the other side of the cup, the upper one. We take a wooden stick, lubricate the edges of the fabric from the inside with glue and wring it inside.

A cup of a plastic bottle 7

You also need to fix the bottom. Cut out a cardboard circle, that in diameter it was 1 centimeter less than the diameter of the bottom of the cup. We wrap the cut circle with a cloth and glue.

Cup of plastic bottle 8

Similarly, make the other edge of the cup, only the cut circle is wrapped in a brown cloth (supposedly this is coffee). Be sure to place a layer of cotton wool under the brown layer. It is necessary to put needles there.

Cup from a plastic bottle 9

We glue to the made cup the handle.

A cup of a plastic bottle 10

And our needle mug is ready.

DIY Recycling Ideas

Cup from a plastic bottle 1

From various types of plastic bottles, you can easily make insanely many interesting and exclusive crafts, such as a palm tree or flowers .


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