DIY Recycling Ideas – How to Make Handmade Lilies Flower out of Plastic Bottles !

Everyone knows that a great variety of products can be made from plastic bottles . These are vases of the most unusual shapes and shades, flowers of all varieties and colors. One of these products is lilies made of plastic bottles.

Lilies from plastic bottles
lilies from plastic bottles

How to make lilies from plastic bottles with your own hands.

To make such lilies, you will need three plastic bottles of white color, one yellow and one large five-liter bottle.

Lilies from bottles

First you need to cut off the neck of the yellow bottle, and from the rest of it, make a blank for the central stamens.

Do stamens

Lilies made from bottles to make

The edges of the stamens and the flower melt over the candle flame and thereby bend them inward.

Lilies of bottles with their own hands

From a bottle of lily

Then, using glue, we connect the stamens and the flower. The middle of a lily of plastic bottles is already ready.

How to make a lily from plastic

From white bottles we cut out a lily rosette, then bend them at the corners and put them on the neck of the yellow bottle-flower. We fix everything with glue.

Lily from a bottle

lilies from plastic bottles
lilies from plastic bottles

From the bottom of a plastic bottle with a capacity of 5 liters, cut out the sheet, color it in green.
Similarly, several flowers can be made and these original lilies made of plastic bottles will be an excellent decoration of the pool or pond in the summer residence.

Lily from a plastic bottle
lilies from plastic bottles


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