DIY Recycling Ideas – How to Make Piglets out of Plastic Bottles !

After we made the flowers and the palm of plastic bottles , we plant will switch to the animals. Today we have on the agenda of the pigs from plastic bottles with their own hands.

Pig of the bottles can decorate your garden, flowerbed or rather, a flower or decorative porch greenhouse. Hack is very simple and does not require a lot of effort into its preparation. In most hand-made article, we can plant the seeds of common herbaceous plants. Let’s start.

Piglets from plastic bottles


For piglets from plastic bottles will need:

plastic bottles, plastic bottles or rather, which often collect water;
Conventional sawdust, shavings wood;
Any seed oats, dill, parsley, corn, etc. or any plant;
Colored markers;
Ordinary gouache;
It can be colored cardboard or another plastic bottle;

details to a plastic pig

Way to create a plastic pigs:

1. Take the cardboard (or other plastic bottle) and cut the ears for pigs, not too big and not well, small. At the bottom of the ears should be stripes which would then insert them into the hole.
2. paint the ears like anything.
3. Then take a flask and on the one hand a rectangular opening cut length from the bottom to start folding the neck.
4. Make holes for the ears, just cuts. And paste them in there.
5. decorates plastic bottles (the body of our pigs), markers and paints.
6. Inside pour sawdust. Absolutely! Compacted sawdust better.
7. Make a penny , cork, decorate it to a pink color and paint where the nostrils.
8. Draw the eyes.
9. You can still make a little tail of the cardboard, but I do not normally do.
10. The final step is the seeding. Sow a little more, that would be in the winter, we had a lot of greens. You can put any plant, it will be very original step.

That’s the whole pig from a plastic bottle, make some of these can be a few pieces.
Develop your skills and master crafts with their hands as often as possible.

And now I show in the photo which can be pigs from plastic bottles.

a pig from a plastic bottle
Pigs from bottles
pig from bbutylki
Pig of plastic


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