This spring flower pot is perfect for your child’s doll house! Katy Sue Designs shows you how to create this flower pot in just six easy steps.

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• Garden twig
• One pot of Spring Flower Soft™
• Narrow Ribbon
• Flower Soft™ Glue
• Scissors
• Sponge or modelling clay
• 12th Scale plant pot


• Take some of your Flower Soft™ and place it in a dish so that you can get your fingers in and fluff it up.
• Place a sheet of paper over your working area to collect any spills of Flower Soft™, which can be returned to your pot later.
• Use a piece of modelling clay or a sponge to stand your flower stems in to dry.

Step 1

Cover the ends of your garden twigs in PVA glue. It is VERY important to use the correct thick high tack glue as some PVA glue’s are too runny resulting in the flowers not sticking correctly.
We recommend Aleenes tacky glue or Impex high tack.

Garden Crafts.
Garden Crafts.


Step 2

Whilst the glue is still wet hold the twigs over your Flower Soft™ and shake the dish (yes I did say shake the dish!) so that the Flower Soft generously covers all the glued area of wire. Gently tap of excess Flower Soft. It’s important not to twirl the twigs around in the dish as if you were making candy floss as this removes the glue and can cause lumps in the Flower Soft, all of the work is done with the hand holding the dish. Place your completed flower stem in your sponge/modelling clay to dry (20-30 minutes). This process can be repeated several times to achieve the required coverage.

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Step 3

Push some modelling clay into your scale plant pot, this will hold your flowers in place.

Step 4

Cut your ribbon into 1cm strips, cutting one end into points to give the impression of foliage.

Step 5

Gather together your finished, dry twigs and foliage and arrange into your final shape. Use a needle or something similar to help press into the modelling clay and make final tweaks on the overall shape.

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Step 6

You’re finished… add your new plant to your dolls house and make others to match.

Microsoft Word - Garden Crafts eBook