It doesn’t matter the time of year – it’s always fun to make something that’s cute and unique. Use homemade bread dough to create a cuddly pair of adorable bears that you can hang on your tree.

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Materials for bread dough:

 Bread Dough:
 2 cups of flour
 1/2 cup of salt
 Water

Other materials needed:

 3″ wood circle
 Eye hook
 Acrylic Paint
 Clear coat varnish


1.) Mix flour and salt together in a bowl and add water gradually, mixing with your hands until you have a dough consistency. It should not be sticky. If so, add a bit of flour.


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2.) Now for the fun part. Make a 1 1/2″ diameter ball, and top it with a 1″ ball. Roll out the legs.


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3.) Attach the legs to the body using a drop of water to adhere the two pieces.


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4.) Add the arms the same way.


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5.) I then created ears and a nose by forming smaller balls, shaping them and adding with a drop of water. For the boy bear, I made a small train. I assembled it on top of the circle to ensure a good fit. At this point, be sure to use a pencil point to make an indent in the top of their heads for the eye hook.


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6.) The girl bear is put together in a similar fashion. For her dress, I rolled out dough between my fingers and then flattened it, draping it over her legs and around her body.


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7.) The girl bear needs a bow for her hair. Of course.


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8.) And for her, she gets a baby teddy bear of her own.


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9.) All pieces are then put on a pan that is covered with aluminum foil and baked in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours. Be sure to turn the pieces over when they are about half way done to ensure that the bottom cooks all the way. Your house will smell pretty darn
awesome by the way.


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10.) Allow pieces to cool completely before painting. Unfortunately, I allowed mine to cool at “dog level” and I had to remake one of my
train pieces because Ralph ate it. I’m sure he thought it was a train shaped doggie treat.

11.) Once the pieces cool, you can start painting.

12.) The boy bear gets a plaid shirt and jeans.


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13.) The girl gets a plaid skirt. Yep, I’m kinda into plaid.


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14.) Screw the eye hook into the indent that you made in their heads. (This is optional- if you don’t want to hang the ornament, you can
leave it off).


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15.) The next step (and most important) is to give them several coats of clear, non-yellowing varnish. Be sure to turn them upside down and get the bottom also. The nature of bread doughis that like any natural substance, it can have the tendency to deteriorate. Particularly if you live in a humid environment. Oh, like say Atlanta, GA. If you protect it with several coats of clear coat, you will not be disappointed a year or so later when it becomes a pile of flour dust. Just sayin’.

16.) Glue your pieces down onto your painted wood circles. I used strong bond type glue for the bears so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them falling off the tree and becoming doggie treats.


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