Follow this eco-friendly craft design to upcycle an empty drink carton into a colorful gift box. Use to package homemade gifts of cookies or other snacks.You can even use these cartons are growing kit gifts , with soil and a seed packet.

Drink Carton Gift Box
Drink Carton Gift Box


• Drink/Juice Carton
• Westcott 7″ KleenEarth™ Scissors
• Westcott Blooms™ Titanium Hobby Knife with Safety Cap
• Westcott 12” Aluminum Ruler
• Westcott Craftworks™ Paper Edger Scissors (optional)


1.Rinse out the empty juice carton. Cut off the very top part of the carton using KleenEarthTM Scissors. You can begin the cut with the Blooms™ Titanium Hobby Knife. Dry the interior of the carton with a dishtowel.

2.Measure and mark 3.75” up on all 4 corners. Use the KleenEarth™ Scissors to cut down all four corners stopping at the marks. Use the aluminum ruler and hobby knife to score a straight line connecting all four marks. You will be left with a cube shaped box with 4 square flaps. Fold the four flaps inward bending along the scored line.
Now for the handles… Run a horizontal score line halfway across two opposing flaps. Cut the
handle out of the top half of the flaps using the Blooms™ Titanium Hobby Knife and fold the
handles upward along the scored line. Then cut off the excess carton around the handles. Feel
free to use your imagination to cut different shaped handles to suit your preference.

4.Use the hobby knife to cut vertical slots in each of the 2 remaining flaps for the handles to pass through. Then round the corners using KleenEarth™ Scissors. Run the handles through the slots and you’re done!

5.Additional Design Options: You can leave the plain carton undecorated, or you may cover it with paper, fabric and additional embellishments. You can even further customize your gift box handles and flap edges using Westcott Craftworks™ Paper Edger Scissors!