Learn how to create a very cool kids’ shirt using a basic tee. While perfect for Easter eggs hunts, kids (and fun-loving adults) can wear this shirt throughout the spring and even in the summer.


· Garment to appliqué
· Template
· Sewing machine capable of zig zag stitch
· Two contrasting scrap fabrics
· Double sided fusible web
· Tear away stabilizer
· Thread
· Button

Easter Chick Appliqué Shirt


1. Heat-fuse both your scrap fabrics with double sided fusible web, with sticky side (the side without paper) facing the wrong side of your fabric.

2. Trace and cut the bird body from scrap one.

3. Trace and cut the bird wing from scrap two.

4. Peel off the backing paper and position on your garment.

5. Heat-fuse the bird appliqué to your garment.

6. Cut the tear away stabilizer to a size bigger than your chick (including legs and beak).

7. Pin the stabilizer to the underside of your garment. This picture shows your fused pieces, and the pins indicate the size of the stabilizer required.

Easter Chick Appliqué Shirt

8. Set your sewing to a machine to tight zigzag (I use 2.5 width and 0.5 length).

9. Stitch all the way around the body of the bird, with one side of the stitch on the garment and the other side of the stitch in your appliqué (binding and hiding the raw edges). The green lines in the picture show how your zigzag stitch straddles the raw edge. It helps to lessen the foot pressure of your machine so it is easier to turn around curves and it doesn’t put as much pressure on the fabric causing waviness. Where you change direction or need a tighter curve, lower your needle down into the fabric, lift your foot and pivot.

Easter Chick Appliqué Shirt

10. Stitch all the way around your wing.

11. Draw your beak and legs onto the garment with washable fabric pen or tailor’s chalk.

12. Set your machine to a wider zigzag (I use 3.5 and 0.5).

13. With your drawn lines at the center, zigzag stitch over the top of the lines to form your beak and legs.

14. Place your button for the eye and stitch securely with a needle and thread.

15. Rip off your tear-away stabilizer.

By: Amanda Cusick


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