Easy Pencil Picture Frame – School Crafts for Kids .

Pencils are not only useful for writing. In fact, they can be used to create personalized pictures. This project is cute and easy to make. In fact, it’s a perfect back to school craft for the kids to make.

School Crafts for Kids


 4” X 6” Picture; landscape or portrait oriented
 8 Pencils; new, any color, sharpened or unsharpened
 Ribbon; 4 inch, any color
 Clear tape
 Craft glue


1. Flip the picture over so that you are looking at its back. Make sure the picture has the top at the top even when flipped over.

2. Form a loop with your ribbon and tape the ends of the loop to the top, center of the back of the picture.

3. Flip the picture back over.

4. Add glue onto the top and bottom of the picture along the edge, but wide enough for two pencils on each edge.

5. At the top and bottom, lay two pencils pointing in opposite directions, onto the glue. Make sure the picture centered.

6. Add glue down the center of each pencil set to help hold together.

7. Place glue in each of the four corners on top of the pencil sets.

8. Lay the other sets of two pencils on the left and right side of the picture.

9. Again, add glue down the center of each pencil set to help hold.



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