Supplies you will need:

  • Variety of colored embroidery floss
  • Recycled condiment jars or tubs
  • Any sort of plants or flowers
  • Doilies
  • Potting soil
  • A Drill & widest drill bit you have
  • Metal Wire or S-hooks
  • Needle and thread.

Step 1

Choose the color floss of your choice and some bead accents and start making your hanging ropes, make sure to leave some excess on each end to tie to the dollies’ hammock and hooks.

Step 2

When you are finished with the hanging ropes, take the doily and pick the edging fringe where there is a gap. Split the floss into even amounts and loop one end of grabbed string through the hole and make a double knot tie. Pull on them to tighten the knot. I took the excess doily edges and folded them over and sewed them with some matching color thread and a need so the doily will hug the jars when they are hanging.

Step 3

Once you have the 4 corners of the hanging ropes tied to the doilies, set it aside and take the plastic jars that have been flipped over and drill two holes at the bottom for draining. Pick your plant and fill the jar with the potting soil and place in your plant or flower.

Step 4

Take you readied doily and place the jar with the potted plant onto the center of the doily. Take each end of the ropes end in your hand and pull them up towards you to find a balance where the jar won’t tip over. Tie the ends into a tight knot and cut excess string off.

Step 5

You’re all done. You can loop some wire through your hanging pots knots and hook them onto your window bar or ledge! Enjoy your pretty display by enjoying yourself a treat! Make sure to take care of the plants as directed, and give them water when needed!