Kids and adults alike will love this Eco Green Tea Light Holder. Made with 100 percent recycled items, this tea light holder is great for parties, weddings, or everyday use. Gather up those toilet paper rolls and get ready to make something beautiful!

Eco Green Tea Light Holder
Eco Green Tea Light Holder



• An old CD
• A toilet paper roll
• Glue
• Paper bag or other non-glossy paper ( I used an old envelop from my office)
• 8 small white pearls and 8 bigger ones
• A jar lid (it’s diameter has to be larger than that of the ends of the toilet paper roll)
• Any kind of white doily (cotton or synthetic or paper)
• A tealight candle
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue
• Ruler
1.Take the paper you’ve chosen, and wrinkle it with your hands. Spread it back out again without pressing out the wrinkles you’ve made. Repeat once more.

2. Now take your jar lid and glue it, top side down, on the wrinkled paper. Use your ruler and
your pencil to mark a circle around your lid that leaves at least 0.7 inches extra paper (you will
need this later). Wait for the glue to harden and then cut with your scissors on this circle.

3. After that, glue your CD on the wrinkled paper. Wait till the glue dries and trim with your scissors.

4. Put some glue all around the side of the jar lid and turn the paper inwards (to the bottom side of the lid). Use your fingers to keep it there for a while, so that the glue will harden. Press paper in excess, to keep it under the lid when the lid’s placed top side up.

5.Glue the lid on the CD, top side up.

6. While waiting for the glue to dry, take the toilet paper roll and place it on a desk/table
standing on one end. Use your pencil and ruler to mark 0.6 inches from the bottom – draw
this line all around the paper roll.

7. With your scissors, cut 8 strips all along the long side of the paper roll, up to the point you reach the line you just drew. These strips should all have the same width (you should divide the circle of the paper roll end in eight equal parts, mark the eight points and then start cutting your strips).

8. When you’ve finished with cutting the strips, take your scissors and cut their ends so that they look like pointed leaves.

9.Open the strips a bit, bending them outwards gently. The toilet paper roll should now look like a crown.
10.Take your pencil and roll the leaves around it one by one, making them curly, till you reach the line you drew before and where you’ve stopped cutting. What looked like a crown before should now look like a flower.

11.Place this flower-like design on top of the lid, in the center of it. Put glue all around the inside circular base of the paper roll flower, so that it would be firmly secured to the lid when the glue hardens.

12.Glue the white pearls all around the lid, on the CD – start with a small one first, followed by a larger one. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

13. Cut 8 doily leaves, 1.8 inches long each, and glue them onto the “petals” of your paper flower candle holder, as shown in the picture. Wait for the glue to dry and and your tealight.