By: Lisa and Sarah

The emergency zippered pouch is the perfect sized handy bag to store first aid supplies. Use the pouch to hold band aids or as a gift card holder. You can learn how to sew a zippered bag from this simple tutorial. Cute, easy and quick!

Sewing Bags
Sewing Bags



 4 charm squares (5 x 5 inches), two each for pouch outer and lining
 Small piece of flannel for wadding
 Scrap of white linen
 Scrap of red homespun
 Scrap of ribbon
 Split ring
 4 inch zipper

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Cut Fabrics:

 White Linen – cut four squares, 1 x 1 inch
 Red Homespun – cut 2 squares, 1 x 1inch; cut rectangle 1 x 2 inch.
 Outer fabric – cut 2 rectangles, 5 x 3 inches.
 Lining fabric – cut 2 rectangles, 5 x 3 inches
 Flannel – cut 2 rectangles, 5 x 3 inches Ribbon – cut one piece, 2 inches in length.

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1. Referring to the photograph for placement, stitch a white square onto opposite sides of a red square. Press seams towards the red square.
2. Stitch a red/white unit to either side of the red rectangle. Press.

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3. Cut a piece of cardboard that is 1 ½ inches square. Lightly spray the Red Cross patch with spray starch. Place the patch wrong side up on your ironing board. Center the cardboard square on the patch. Using the cardboard as a guide, press the seams inwards. Allow to cool and then remove the piece of cardboard. Your patch is now ready to stitch onto the pouch.

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4. To install the zipper, layer a piece of the outside fabric onto a piece of flannel. Layer the zip on top with the right sides together and the long edge aligned, and stitch in place. Press, and then top stitch. Repeat for other side of the zip.

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5. Pin the Red Cross to the middle of the pouch front and stitch in place. Fold the ribbon over the split ring and baste in place – referring to the photograph for placement.

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6. For a rounded bottom mark in some curved  corners with a water erasable pen. With the zip open, and the wrong side of the pouch facing, pin in half. Stitch along sides and bottom of the pouch. Trim and clip corners.

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7. With the right sides of the lining piece facing, pin together and mark the rounded corners. Stitch the lining sides and bottom together. Trim and clip corners. Press under ¼ inch along the top edge.

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8. Turn the pouch out the right way and press. Position the lining inside the pouch and attach in place by hand using a slip stitch. (For smaller pouches, hand stitching the lining gives a better result).

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Sewing Bags
Sewing Bags

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