Burlap projects
Burlap projects
Burlap projects
Burlap projects



 1/2yd Assorted Fabric 100% Cotton
 2 Styrofoam Wreaths, one 5” and one 9”
 2 Spool 2 ½” wide burlap ribbon
 1 5”x7” Picture Frame
 15-20 Assorted Beads and Buttons
 FabriTac Glue


Wreath & Candle Holder

1. Wrap Styrofoam wreath with burlap ribbon.
2. Make 14 assorted extra small Kanzashi Flowers following the package
3. Glue flowers to wreath in a configuration of your choice.
4. Glue beads and buttons into the centers of the flowers as desired.

1. Use leftover burlap ribbon and flowers from the wreath and glue to the corner of a frame.