Celebrate Nature – Colorful Tissue Paper Suncatchers .

Hang a colorful suncatcher in your window all year round! Get creative with different shapes and colors.

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Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®
Freezer paper
Fishing line
18” square Cardboard,
Assorted colors of tissue paper,
1” wide Foam paintbrush
Two 12” squares of Cardstock,
desired color
Foam plate

1. Cover cardboard with freezer paper, shiny side up, taping excess to back.

2. Tear tissue paper into about 3”pieces.

3. Squeeze a large puddle of glue onto foam plate. Brush glue onto small section of freezer paper, using dry paintbrush. Immediately press pieces of tissue paper into glue, overlapping edges. Carefully brush a thin layer of glue over paper. Repeat procedure until freezer paper is covered. Let dry until glue appears clear.

4. Trace desired design onto two pieces of cardstock. Cut out.

5. Carefully peel dry collage from freezer paper. Trace pattern onto
collage. Cut out slightly inside pencil line so it will be smaller than
cardstock pattern.

6. Lay one cardstock design onto work surface, right side down. Working quickly, apply a thin bead of glue along pattern. Smooth with finger.
Press collage shape into place, aligning edges. Press into glue. Glue
remaining cardstock design right side up onto collage. Let dry.

7. Use pushpin to create hole for hanger. Thread fishing line through
hole. Determine length.Tie a triple knot to secure. Trim ends as needed.

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