Store everything from potatoes and other veggies to gardening supplies in these cheerful, colorful storage crates.
DecoArt Products Required
Americana Acrylics
• DAO1 – Snow (Titanium) White
• DAO10 – Cadmium Yellow (transparent)
• DAO42 – Baby Blue
• DAO51 – Leaf Green
• DA151 – Royal Fuchsia
• DA199 – Primary Red
• DA236 – Grape Juice
Americana Spray Sealers
• DAS13 – Americana Matte Spray
Americana Brushes
• DBL1000-B – Liner 0

Microsoft Word - Garden Crafts eBook



• Pattern

• Disposable palette/plate

• Paper towels
• Water container
• Vegetable Crates (3)


1. Basecoat crates Baby Blue. Let dry.
2. Trace and transfer pattern or free hand flowers and bugs on crate sides.
3. Refer to photo for color placement or paint as desired.
4. Use liner brush and Snow (Titanium) White to outline design. Let dry.
5. Mist with Americana Matte Spray to seal. Allow to dry between coats.

By: DecoArt


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