Floraled Flower Pot – Cheap and Easy Crafts .

Painted flower pots are fun to do as gifts or for an easy home decor project.

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Deco Art Products Required
Laurie Speltz’s Instant Images

• IIP01 – Floral Pocket Template
• IIT06 – 3/8 in. Duo Tool
• IIT07 – 1/4 in. Duo Tool

Americana Acrylics

• DAO31 – Baby Pink
• DAO34 – Lavender
• DA132 – Hauser Medium Green
• DA184 – French Vanilla
•DA269 – Foliage Green — NEW!!


• Assorted buttons
• Ribbon
• Adhesive

• Permanent ink pen
• Papier mache flower pot


1. Basecoat pot French Vanilla.
2. Add vine design around top of pot with Hauser Medium Green. Vine at pot bottom is done using Foliage Green and then pouncing lightly with Hauser Medium Green.
3. Add lettering and larger flowers with Lavender.
4. Pull dots of Lavender to create flowers around top and bottom of pot. Add flower centers with Baby Pink.
5. Glue buttons around top of pot and for centers of Lavender flowers.
6. Adhere ribbon under pot rim.
Helpful Hint
You can also use Instant Image Templates on terra cotta pots. Paint with Patio Paints for great results.

By: DecoArt


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