Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Easy Fabric Flowers – Ribbon Flower Pins .

Make flowers from fabric or ribbon with these fabric flower instructions. Ribbon flower pins are the perfect embellishment for any accessory.

 2-4 yards of wire ribbon (depending on how large and tight you want your flower)
 Quilting thread or other strong thread
 Small amount of felt
 Hair clip or pin (or both)


1. Pull on the wire of one side of the ribbon to ruffle. Ruffle the entire length of your piece of ribbon. Not all wire
ribbon is the same. Some are more fragile, so pull gently. Leave a few inches wire hanging out from the ends,
but clip away the rest to get it out of your way.
2. To start, fold your ribbon back on forth a few times (on the side of ribbon which you’ve just pulled the wire).
Using quilting thread run a stitch through the ribbon several times to secure.
3. Start wrapping the ribbon around. Secure each wrap by stitching all the way through the layers in a star pattern.
4. Once it is large enough to be difficult to stitch through all the layers, secure by stitching to the previous layer.

5. When you come to the end of the ribbon, fold the the corner of ribbon back inside to hide the raw edge. Stitch
into place. Cut off any excess wire hanging out of the ends.
6. Cut a circle out of felt to cover the back of the flower. I cut a second layer of felt in a wide strip and secured it
with a zigzag on each side. That way I could easily slip in onto a hair clip or a pin.
7. Stitch the felt into place on the back of the flower using a blind stitch.




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