We chose this pendant for its ease of construction, and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Courtesy of Bead Studio

Simple accessories
Simple accessories


• 4 Glass Heart Beads (We used 6mm Emerald)
• 3 1 1/2″ Headpins
• GS Hypo Cement (Or any clear drying glue)
• Wirecutter
• Chain-nose or crimp pliers
• Round-nose pliers


1. With 2 of the headpins add a heart, trim wire and make a small loop with the tip of the roundnose pliers, as small as you can.


Creative Crafting All Year Round-118


2. With the remaining headpin add one heartbead, the 2 looped heartbeads and the last heart bead, making sure all the points are facing the center.

Creative Crafting All Year Round-119


3. Wire wrap the end of the headpin to make the pendant.

Creative Crafting All Year Round-121
4. Place down on a flat surface and glue the center of the clover to keep the beads in place. Before you glue consider how you will use the clover and direct the loop accordingly.

Creative Crafting All Year Round-122