Friendly Penguin – Summer Crafts for Kids

Kids can help paint this cute wooden, egg‐shaped penguin for their room.

Friendly Penguin 

DecoArt Products Required
Americana Acrylics

•    DAO1 ‐ Snow (Titanium) White
•    DAO10 ‐ Cadmium Yellow (transparent)
•    DAO67 ‐ Lamp (Ebony) Black

Multi‐Purpose Sealer

•    DS17 ‐ Multi‐Purpose Sealer


•    Two medium teardrop shapes; one medium heart shape, Forster’s Woodies
•    Two 5‐mm wiggle eyes
•    1/4″ flat brush
•    Short liner brush
•    Foam plate
•    Aleene’s Quick‐Dry Tacky Glue
•    Unfinished wood egg shape with flat base


Preparation: Remove any stickers, inserts, or tags from surfaces before beginning.

1.   Use Snow White and 1/4 flat brush to paint egg shape; let dry.

2.   Refer to photo and use Lamp Black to paint egg shape, leaving peanut shape unpainted for face, chest, and tummy of penguin. Let dry.

3.   Use Lamp Black to paint teardrop shapes. Use liner brush to paint ovals for eyes on penguin face. Let dry.

4.   Use 1/4″ flat brush and Cadmium Yellow to paint heart shape for feet; use liner brush to paint inverted triangle for beak on penguin. Let dry.

5.   Glue teardrop shape to each side of penguin body for wings; glue heart to egg base for feet.

6.   Paint penguin with Multi‐Purpose Sealer; let dry.

7.   Glue wiggle eye over bottom half of each oval.

by DecoArt


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