Friendship Bracelet Bangles –  How to Make Friendship Bracelets.

Love the look of friendship bracelets but not willing to commit to a summer-long accessory? Then these brilliant bangles are the solution for you! This innovative bangle upcycle takes classic friendship-bracelet-making techniques and applies them to a bangle bracelet for a fabulous set of friendship bangles you can don and doff
as you please.

Friendship Bracelet Bangles


 old bangle bracelets (preferably smooth  and not embellished)
 embroidery floss

Friendship Bracelet Bangles


1.) I cut my floss about 45 inches long, and my bangles were about a 3-inch circle.

2.) Also, I didn’t knot it at the beginning; it creates too much of a lump. Just wrap the floss around the bangle. Once you start the knots, it will stay in place. You should have two tails, and they should be of equal length.

Friendship Bracelet Bangles

3.) Then you’re going to use a basic knot around all the floss and the bangle. I did 10 knots for each color, repeating the pattern all the way around the bangle. To have enough floss to make it all the way around the bangle, make sure you use all of one color before using the next. Thus, once I started knotting, I used the
same blue thread until it was too short; then I used the second blue thread to finish off the bracelet.

Friendship Bracelet Bangles

4.) When I got to the end, I knotted it and cut the tails off, leaving about an inch. Then with a little white glue, I wrapped the tails around the knot to cover it up.

Friendship Bracelet Bangles

By: Ann


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