Friendship Bracelets Jewelry Project 

Create a colorful bracelet for you and a friend!

Soft Flex® Wire, .019 Diameter, 3 colors
– 45 inches each color
2mm x 2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes
– 3 crimps
Crimping Pliers
Soft Flex® Flush Cutters

20 Bracelet Patterns Macram Bracelets Friendship Bracelets Hemp Bracelets and More eBook_page38_image65Instructions:
1. Choose 3 complimentary colors of Soft Flex® Wire. Use Soft Flex® Flush Cutters to cut 45 inch lengths of each color.
Hold all 3 strands together as if they are 1 strand of wire. Fold the wire in half and find the middle of the wire. Use a narrow strip of tape to secure the middle of the wires to your work
2. This design is a series of the same over hand knot going in opposite directions.
Hold one group of three strands of wire in each hand. Take the 3 strands of wire in your left hand and pull them over the top of the wire in your right hand. Pull the wire through the back side of the loop that you have created, tying a loose half hitch knot.
3. Now, go the opposite direction. Take the wires in your right hand pull them over the wires in your left hand. Pull through the back side of the loop, tying a loose half hitch knot.
4. Continue to loosely knot back and forth by repeating Steps 2 and 3 for about 3540 knots.

5. Use the three wires in your right hand to string one 2x2mm crimp tube. Use the Crimping Pliers to crimp and secure the three wires in each together. Use Soft Flex® Flush Cutters to cut off two of the remaining tail strands of wire , so that there is only one strand of .019 color left. Repeat entire step using the three wires in your left hand.

6. Remove the bracelet from your work surface. Pass one of the remaining wires through the first loop of the bracelet.
Use the remaining two strands of wire to string one 2x2mm crimp tube. Use
the Ergo Magical Crimping Pliers to crimp and secure the two remaining strands of wire together. Cut off excess wire. Tuck crimps inside the bracelet.


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