Step 1 ~ Cut a square of fabric in the size you need for your project. I like to use pieces in sizes of 1″ square up to 3″ square for scrapbook pages.

Step 2 ~ Fold your square in half diagonally leaving the ‘good’ side of the fabric on the outside (bad side inside the fold)

Step 3 ~ With fold at the top of the triangle bring down point ‘A’ to point ‘B’

Step 4 ~ Now do the same for the right side, bring down right side to meet in the middle, then flip the project over, you will have the folded edge at the top of the project


Step 5 ~ Keeping the folded edges at the top and raw edges at the bottom, fold in the right and left points to meet in the middle


Step 6 ~ Now bring both edges together again, essentially folding your project in half. Your finished petal will be the back edge of this fold (you will see 3 folded edge, this is the front of the petal)


Step 7 ~ As mentioned above the front of the petal is the edge with the 3 folds, you will round out the top of the petal to give it it’s shape. Secure each petal with a pin or with a couple of small stitches (I prefer to use a couple of small stitches as it’s easier to put the bloom together later if you’re not fiddling with the extra pins)


Step 8 ~ Trim away extra fabric (below your stitch or pin)


Finishing your Bloom (Step 9)

With a need and thread string together all of the petals and tie off creating a ring (the less petals you use for your blooms the more fiddling it may take to create your circle of petals) I used 7 petals to make up the white bloom with the pearl centers. Add pearl or crystal beeds, metal pieces, crystal stickers, flower stamens, buttons…..whatever you like for centers to your blooms.


Here is a finished picture of a rounded petal bloom