At your next outdoor gathering, place these colorful terra cotta pots along the table as a centerpiece or in front of each guest as gifts to take home.



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• Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer – White (#51315)
• Krylon Outdoor Spaces® Satin Finish – Lime (#2920)
• Krylon Outdoor Spaces® Satin Finish – Mango (#2921)
• Krylon Outdoor Spaces® Satin Finish – Watermelon (#2922)
• Krylon Outdoor Spaces® Satin Finish – Lemon (#2923)
• Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic – Clear (#1303)
• Krylon Make It Pearl!® Pearlescent Paint – Sheer Pearl (#1207)
• 4 – 5 1/2 “ terra cotta flower pots
• Celosia plants (or your choice of plant) in variety of bright colors
• Potting soil
• Sea shells
• Painters masking tape
• Newspaper


1. Tape off 1/4” of the rim of each terra cotta pot so that the natural terra cotta will be exposed along
the top at the end of your project.

2. Place each pot upside down on top of its own sheet of newspaper.

3. Spray each pot with two coats of Krylon Primer. Allow for drying time between each coat. This
will provide a neutral clean base for the colors.

4. After the primer dries, spray two coats of Lime on one pot, letting it dry in between coats just a
few minutes. Then proceed with the next pot and the next color until you have finished all of the
pots. We used Mango, Watermelon, and Lemon for the other 3 pots. Let dry completely.

5. Once the paint dries completely, you are going to be adding just a spray of another color to add
some dimension. We used only Mango and Lemon. Mango on the Lemon pot. Lemon on the
Mango pot. Mango on the Lime pot and Lemon on the Watermelon pot. To accomplish this you
hold the can at a farther distance from the pot, lightly spraying them with the alternate color.
Concentrate on adding this color mostly to the bottom area of the pot and then let it feather
upwards. You do not need to cover the entire pot. This creates a variation of color and tone and
will add interest and dimension to your design.

6. After the paint dries, spray the pots with Krylon Crystal Clear spray to add a nice glossy effect.

7. To amplify the shine of the pots, spray them with Krylon Make it Pearl! Pearlescent Paint. This
will add a shimmery, sheer pearlescent quality.

8. Once the pots are completely dry, remove the tape from the rim.

9. Fill pots with Celosia plants and soil.

10. Cover soil with sea shells.

11. Arrange pots along the center of your table or runner.

By Susie Coelho