Do you like the work of play compatibility, installation, orjaw(Bazlz)
??Made with your hands and I wished
This puzzle simply make you a good time do you spend
And your child have a wonderful Anchg
And above that of your doing, you and your child

Means required ..
1  panel glass to a landscape or a beautiful picture of sweetfruitor forms.
2  a ruler and scissors and a pencil.
3  cardboard and tape.
4  Binding transparent.

Display steps ..

1 sections of the selected image into equal squares, and by drawing them in pencil.

2 Alsqui image on the paper and you can glueMqoyboisthBaltgeled transparent packaging to keep them

3 pieces of the image to the strips (rectangles) and then unplug the boxes on each end.

4 now .. Let children collect this image