Garden Decoration – Terra Cotta Garden Turtle 

Add this whimsical green turtle to your outdoor decor or garden with terra cotta saucers.

Terra Cotta Garden Turtle

DecoArt Products Required
Patio Paint
• DCP13 – Sprout Green
• DCP21 – Wrought Iron Black
• DCP25 – Citrus Green
• DCP49 – Warm White
Americana Brushes
• DBL1000-B – Liner 0
• DBF2575-B – Flat 3/4″


• Foam plate
• 1/2″ flat brush
• 3/8″ round foam pouncer brush

• E6000 or other industrial strength craft adhesive
• Lo-temp glue gun
• Scissors
• Four 1″ wood candle cups with 1/2″ hole
• 1-3/4″ wooden candle cup with 1″ hole
• 3/4″ x 1-1/8″ wood oval
• 18″ length of 1″ wide black gingham ribbon
• Terra cotta saucer with 3-1/2″ rim
• Terra cotta saucer with 4″ rim
• Two terra cotta saucers with 4-1/2″ rim


1. Using adhesive, glue inside of 4-1/2″ saucer over bottom of other 4-1/2″ saucer. Glue inside of
4″ saucer rim over base of 4-1/2″ saucers. Glue inside of 3-1/2″ saucer over base of 4″ saucer.
(Refer to photo for placement.) Allow adhesive to dry thoroughly before painting
2. With 3/4″ flat brush and Citrus Green, paint top and bottom saucers, allowing to dry after each
3. Use 1/2″ flat brush and Sprout Green to paint middle saucer; allow to dry after each coat.
4. Use 3/8″ pouncer and Wrought Iron Black to paint dots on turtle body by pressing pouncer into paint on plate; repeat with Warm White. Allow to dry.
5. Use 1/2″ flat brush and Sprout Green to paint all wood pieces; allow to dry after each coat.
6. Use lo-temp glue to attach head, legs, and tail of turtle to body (refer to photo for placement).
Fill in gap between neck and body with glue as necessary.

7. Use end of brush handle dipped in Warm White to paint eyes; use liner brush to paint smile.
Allow to dry.
8. Glue center of ribbon under neck and wrap ribbon around neck. Tie ribbon into bow at side of neck and trim ends.

By: DecoArt


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