8 ½” x 11”Black cardstock – 2 sheets
8 ½” x 11”Red Vellum
Black foam board
Designer’s Dries Clear Glue (Art Institute)
Bamboo Rubber Stamp (Stamp Zia)
Galaxy Gold Brilliance Ink (Tsukineko)
Double-sided heat resistant tape
4 wooden chopsticks
Ribbon trim
1 Snap-in Socket Cord Set & Switch
1 7 watt “night light” light bulb
1” round hole punch 

Step 1: With black cardstock in a horizontal orientation, cut a rectangular opening in the center by measuring in 3” from the ends and 2” from the top and bottom edges. 

Step 2: Stamp bamboo image randomly onto black cardstock with gold ink. 

Step 3: Use computer to print “Happy New Year” onto red vellum. Trim to fit and tape to back side of black cardstock.

Step 4: Punch a 1” hole beneath the red vellum on one piece of black cardstock. 

Step 5: Glue the two sections together to form one long strip overlapping the ends by 1”. 

Step 6: Glue chopsticks to front of cardstock along the edges of the red vellum. These will be the legs of the lamp so be sure that they all extend the same distance below the cardstock. 

Step 7: Glue the remaining ends of cardstock together, overlapping by 1”. 

Step 8: Cut a 6 3/8” circle from black foam board. Test fit into the bottom of the lamp and trim as needed, then glue into place.

Step 9: Glue decorative ribbon or trim to the top and bottom edges and add tassels. Insert light fixture.