Graceful Crystal and Wire Necklace –  DIY Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tutorials

This darling necklace design showcases simple wire-wrapping techniques at their finest. Patterns like this one are great for making a few beads go a long way. This delicate yet glamorous necklace can be worn long or wrapped multiple times for a layered effect. Once you’ve mastered these simple steps, you can use them to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces of any length.

Graceful Crystal and Wire Necklace


 11 crystal beads
 chain in the following lengths: two at 7 inches, two at 1.5 inches, one each at 3.5 inches and 2 inches
 spool of 22 gauge wire
 jump rings
 lobster clasp
 two pair chain nose pliers
 round nose pliers
 wire cutters

Note: These are the supplies required to make the 32-inch necklace pictured, but feel free to adapt the technique to suit your own personal taste and materials on hand.


To make wire-wrapped bead:

1.) Without cutting wire from spool, slide a bead onto wire. Grasp wire with round nose pliers 1 inch from end of wire. Form a loop around pliers (wires should be perpendicular to each other).

2.) Hold loop with chain nose pliers and coil wrap 1-inch end around wire. Trim end with wire cutters and tuck in. Slide bead up to meet coils.

3.) Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire just at point where it exits bead. Bend wire at 90degree angle.

Grasp bend with round nose pliers and wrap wire around pliers as far as possible to start to make a loop.
Reposition pliers to finish loop.
Keep round nose pliers in loop and wrap wire several times around wire above bead.
Trim off wire and use chain nose  pliers to tuck end in.
File wire ends smooth if necessary.
To attach length of chain or another wire
wrapped bead:

4.) After completing step 1, slide end link of chain or loop of wire-wrapped bead into loop just formed. Proceed with steps 2 and 3.

5.) To complete necklace, make two sets of three wrapped crystals and two sets of two wrapped crystals. Alternate wrapped crystal units with smaller lengths of chain, using jump rings to attach when necessary. Attach a 7-inch length of chain to each end. Attach a lobster clasp to one end and a jump ring to the other to complete.


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