Hair Clips & Barrettes – How to Make a Flower Barrette .

If you want to own, with their own hands to make hair accessory in the form of pins, then this workshop is for you. Decoration is made of flowers, and shade cloth which you can pick up at your discretion.


For the manufacture of pins, you will need:

• Paper template;
• Pencil;
• Fabric (Satin better);
• organza, tulle for decoration;
• candle;
• thread;
• needle;
• scissors;
• bilateral stamens;
• thin wire;
• beads or large beads;
• glue gun;
• One large polubusina;
• metal clip.

Flower will be collected from whole flowers, so prepare for them one template. Drawing on paper hexagon and divide it into six equal sections. Then collect this figure in one sector and draw on it with a pencil petal before reaching the corner. Cut away the excess over the contour pencil and straighten. I should get such a sexfoil.

Zakolka-cvetok 1

Zakolka-cvetok 2

The flower consists of six layers, so the fabric folds into the right size and the same number of layers, pre-ironing a. Trace the outline with a pencil pattern on the fabric, tightly clutching the paper.

Zakolka-cvetok 3

Squeezing all the layers of fabric, cut out the petals gently.

Zakolka-cvetok 4

To flower was voluminous, it is necessary to give each petal shape. And ignite the candle above it scorches the edge of each petal. Do not keep too long, so as not to deform it. Three flowers leave in the same amount, and the rest can be reduced a little, cut the edge of the petals of a few millimeters. Then the petals are in the middle, a little less extreme than that will add volume.

Zakolka-cvetok 5

Zakolka-cvetok 6

Now we collect all the flowers, holding them in the middle. Let the petals will be nested, and you can shift them over to one edge.

Zakolka-cvetok 7

On the reverse side seam smёtochnym the lowest layer we catch a needle and thread. Contractible little that lift the petals up. The thread anchoring.

Zakolka-cvetok 8

Zakolka-cvetok 9

Prepare decor element in the form of beads on twisted wire. Fastened from the back side of the flower as well as bilateral and stamens. All decorations spread the circle and they should peek out from under the flower.

Zakolka-cvetok 10

Zakolka-cvetok 11

Cut one circle to the diameter of the flower of satin fabric, organza and tulle. Edge pieces of tulle Sears. Also, cut out a circle of organza with a diameter of 2 cm and scorches it.

Zakolka-cvetok 12

First glue to the back of the circle of organza, tulle from then, and in the end everything reimplemented satin circle. In the middle of a small circle fasten organza and insert into it a large polubusinu.

Zakolka-cvetok 13

Zakolka-cvetok 14

Also on the back side fasten hairpin -zazhim.

Zakolka-cvetok 15

Zakolka-cvetok 16

That’s how you can make a very beautiful hairpin hair.

Zakolka-cvetok 17

Zakolka-cvetok 18

Zakolka-cvetok 19


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