Hammered Heart Bracelet – DIY Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tutorials .

The bracelet is full of charm and character, because all the wire charms are completely hand-crafted! This tutorial will help you develop and strengthen your skills as a wire jewelry designer. The hammered wire hearts have such
a lovely, rustic appearance; no one will guess you made them yourself. Become a wire work artisan by following these easy steps.

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 7 inches chain for bracelet
 clasp for bracelet
 six or seven jump rings
 22-gauge craft wire
 two pair chain nose pliers
 round nose pliers
 wire cutters
 bench block or jeweler’s anvil
 hammer


1.) Working from the spool, use round nose pliers to start a small loop in the wire. Tighten loop with chain nose pliers; then continue coiling wire around loop to make a spiral.

2.) After completing three to four coils of the spiral, grasp wire ½ inch below spiral with round nose pliers. Loop wire around wider part of round nose pliers to make bottom point of heart and a loop. Cut off wire 2 inches from
where wires cross and make another spiral, starting at cut end.

3.) Use flat part of hammer to gently pound spiral heart on bench block or anvil until wire is flattened. If desired, pound on both sides with rounded part of hammer to give texture. Repeat to make a total of five heart charms.

4.) To attach heart charms to bracelet, open a jump ring and slip on a link of the bracelet chain and an outer round of wire spiral, spreading coils if necessary. Close jump ring. Repeat with other charms, spacing evenly on bracelet chain.

5.) Attach clasp to one end of bracelet with jump ring. Attach a jump ring to opposite end of bracelet if needed.