handmade an elegant, sparkly necklace

.You can have an elegant, sparkly necklace with some steps , follow them to know

how to make it 

For this project I found this gorgeous green glass focal bead with gold flecks and paired it with green glass seed

beads and gold accent beads. A pretty gold toggle completes this project

handmade an elegant, sparkly necklace

we will need 

*1 Glass Focal Bead(s)

*Green Glass Seed Beads

*Gold Accent Bead(s)

*Jewelry Wire

*Toggle Clasp

*Crimp Beads

*Crimping Pliers

Step 1..gather your beads together

Step 2..get yourself some good beading wire. I prefer a nylon coated wire. It keeps any ouchies away incase of

loose ends. A good rule of thumb for a necklace like this is approximately 18 inches, so you want to start out with

more than that..I started this necklace out with approximately 25 inches of wire. I used three strands. So…that’s

three strands of 25 inch beading wire.

Step 3..Using gold crimps, take one end of your toggle and crimp each wire to it..leave a little bit of wire that you

can weave back through the beads you will be stringing for added durability.

Step 4..Start adding your seed beads to each strand of wire. For this necklace I used 20 seed beads for each

strand for a total of 60..Once you’ve added all 60 beads, take one gold accent bead and slip all three strands

through it.

handmade an elegant, sparkly necklace

Step 5..Repeat step 4 three more times so you have three sections. At the end of your third set of seed beads,

add your gold accent bead, stringing it through all three wires, then your focal bead, another gold bead and

three more sections for the other side! Slip the three ends of the wire through the other end of your gold toggle

and crimp, weaving the left over ends back through your seed beads.

Step 6..You now have an elegant, sparkly necklace!